Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We were playing 3 man...

Celebrated my 36th birthday last night. I would usually follow this up with the old, "I don't feel or act 36", but today I actually feel about 76. Just finished my 5 days of chemo and I'm strugglings a little bit (strugglings - a term I picked up from our lacrosse buddies from Nanuvat).
This round wasn't too bad . I was able to train on Friday, Saturday and then shut it down until today. Do I count 1.5 miles walking the around the track this morning as a workout?

The girls had a little birthday party for me last night. Contes Pizza and a homemade cake. After laying low for 4 days it was great sit down for dinnner with girls and Sam, Tania and Ryan.

I'm not one for "shout outs"- but my wife was on point all weekend. She handled every meal, bath and bedtime for the last 5 days...and that was just me! Actually, it was Stevie and Clementine too. I don't know where she gets the super power, but it is amazing.

Back to business tomorrow - gym and shot.

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say that my mom beat cancer 3 times, so keep your head up and don't stop fighting it.