Saturday, April 3, 2010

As They Say In BC...Good Soak

Happy holiday weekend to everyone. Big discussion this week with my American friends about Easter "Monday". As usual the Canadians are way ahead of the curve, celebrating a four-day weekend with public holidays on both the Friday and Monday. Ranks up there with Simcoe, Family and Louis Riel Days.

Wing vs. Toronto tonight. We are looking for a little redemption after the spanking we took up there earlier in the year. Contemplating bringing out the red blazer tonight...will try and get some snaps if it makes an appearance.

Worked out with Ryan today. Drilled some footwork and getting pipe to pipe. My hands have felt good, but the feet are a little slow. Need to hit the ladders! Oh, yeah - took my first shot to the arm today...why don't goalie wear pads??


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