Sunday, April 11, 2010

First rule of blogging, don't forget to blog...

Sorry for the 6-day hiatus. Its has been a crazy week. I had my Avastin treatment at CHOP last Tuesday morning. Standard appointment. They take vital signs and run blood work. If everything is in order the neuro-oncologist releases my Avastin. The Avastin is given via an IV and includes a 30 minute course of Zofran (anti-nausea) followed by 30 minutes of Avastin. The worst part of the these appointments is getting stuck for the blood work and IV line. I have terrible veins. To compound the problem my hands are running out of fresh veins for all the action. The goal is to get "stuck" once and the nurse made it happen last week.

After the Avastin I hustled to the Philly airport to catch a flight to Florida to be with the girls. It was awesome to see everyone and spend some great time with Bro, Stevie and Clementine. We packed it all into two full days. Clementine was a little under the weather and getting a tooth, but she was a trooper. Stevie is taking tennis and swimming lessons - both of which were amazing to watch. I got some great film...B-roll for future Under Armour commercials!

Friday afternoon I flew back to Philly, went to my car, swapped bags and caught a flight to Rochester for our Wings game Saturday versus the Knighthawks. We practiced from 11pm to 1am Friday night...long day. Which was followed by a long night against Rochester. We dropped another game. The team played hard, but we can't seem to close games out.

Back to Philadelphia this morning. Hustled to Pennington for the last quarter of the Lawrenceville vs. Hill Academy(Ontario) game at L-ville. The Canadians prevailed in overtime, much to the chagrin of the local fans and the best effort of the crooked refs! Great to see the Merrills again.

Need to finish packing for tomorrow's visit to Duke down in Durham, North Carolina. Flight out at 7am and return at 2:30pm. This is a stress-free appointment, except for the blood work(needles) and my vaccine treatment(more needles!). No MRI or Pet Scan.

Oh, I'm still feeling it time to Chemo yet??

Triage Stickers...patient #17 - great number!

Bottle of Avastin

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