Saturday, April 24, 2010

Albany has a college lacrosse team?

I wrapped up the Wings season last night. Unfortunately I have to report another loss. The Orlando franchise seems to have our number - something to do with the ratio of americans to canadians on the floor - and I'm implying that there were way too many americans on both teams. It was a difficult season, probably my most challenging as a coach, but it is still tough to see it end. I really enjoy working with the guys. I'm expecting massive changes for the franchise and you never know if you are are going to work with of this any of these guys again. Since I was diagnosed with cancer I have a hard time saying goodbye to people. Not, "see you later in the day" goodbyes, but longer term transitions. The reality is I don't know if I will see some of these people again. It made for a long and sad day.

With Mickey Hovers (Wings, SNHU) assistant behind the camera, we did a little interview with one of my favorite guys on the Wings - Jordan Levine. A homage to Dons Cherry's Grapevine or maybe Pipers Pit. The kid is 5'5, tough as nails and one of the best stoppers in the games. Obviously he also has a great sense of humour.

Chemo week is off to a great start. No really. Got to the gym Friday and today. Spent the morning at the park with the girls and enjoyed an afternoon of boring college lacrosse on the TV.

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