Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You're not coming in....

I made my way down to the Duke University Medical Center yesterday. Down and back, like we once ran sprints for uncles' Terry and Lindsay after Lobsterfest! I left the house at 5:30am and made it home by 4:00pm. I fly to Durham once a month. One month is straight vaccine treatment and the next is vaccine, doctors appointments and an MRI. The vaccine treatment trips are easier...none of the anxiety associated with the results of an MRI.

That is not to say the trip to Durham is "routine". Duke is the place where I had my surgery (craniotomy...awake!) and in their doctors I put all of my trust to come up with a plan that would help save my life. I had a world-class surgery and my family battled their doctors for a unique treatment protocol in which they ultimately agreed. As they continue to manage my treatment, I recognize that I owe big part of my current health to them, but it is still unnerving every time I make the trip to the "Duke Clinics".

If you are interested in reading about my diagnoses, surgery, treatment or anything non-lacrosse related you should read Brogann's site at www.caringbridge.org/visit/chris_sanderson/journal and work through her journals. She is an amazing writer and has captured our family's journey from the initial diagnosis up to the present. Much more "feelings" and a little less "look at my new bruise".

I have included some pictures from the trip. Five needles during the visit. Damage = what appears to be a gallon of blood and two snakes bites to the groin area. The vaccine is administered in two needles, on the inside of both thighs, near some important artery.

Back to business. Hit the gym today. Guest shooter Pat Heim will be joining my personal shooter, Ryan Sanderson, on the turf tomorrow. Special thanks to Pat and his employers, STX Lacrosse, for hooking Ryan and I up with STX heads, handles and equipment for my training.

Outside the cancer center

13 tubes later

Vaccine injections

Love Southwest, but they know nothing about Temple Grandin's research

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