Friday, May 21, 2010

Catalina Wine Mixer

No, the picture from the last blog wasn't snapped at the CWM...

Guess who is back? The personal shooter emerged from a 6-week stint on the DL and put me through my paces yesterday. My expectations (for him) were low, so I left the Flip camera at home - but we had a tough workout. Footwork, turns, mid-range snipes...the quads were burning at the end.

Post workout I drove to Philly and have my blood work re-done at CHOP. They needed to see if I could start Chemo last night. My platelets bounced back, I started my 14th round of Temodar last night. I almost vomited from the taste of the capsules, but I choked them down and hit the rack.

The plan is to try and maintain my regular routine and workouts through the chemo days, until the body and/or mind gives out. I hate burning 7 to 10 days a month on this drug, so I'm going to try and take a couple back.

My mom and little brother on are they way down as I type, so if will be a fun weekend for all of us.

Go Hoos!

Vaccine needle to the groin.

Bill Clement, Clement...hands of cement!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Triple Double

Not to be confused with the Tim Horton's double-double. I made my return to our local over-35 men's league last night. With the Wings schedule and treatment I was unable to much this winter, but I caught the final game of the "spring" season. I was a little nervous playing without my wing man, Ryan, who is still on the shelf. It was fun to see the guys again and get in a run at attack. My line a the end of the night - 10g's, 12 turnovers and 24 moving picks - fortunately Tom Sutton wasn't reffing and I got away with all 24 illegal picks.

I'm writing this post at CHOP, waiting for Avastin to be released. My platelet counts were a little low - but the Doc wasn't worried about receiving the dose. What effects platelet levels is a mystery to me and everyone else, but I doubt the 8 Miller Lites after the game last night help!

I have been feeling great since the minor seizure last week. My training has been consistent - lifting and getting shot on. Time to add some cardio! I booked a very difficult 4-miler on Saturday morning down in FLA...definitely work to be done.

Bro and CS in Florida this weekend

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trolley Tracks

I had an awesome trip down to the brain tumor center at Duke on Monday. I dread these trip and the MRI's - when you are assured by every doctor that the cancer is certain to come back, I keep thinking the next MRI is going bring bad news. Bro and I flew down on Sunday night. Lots of anxiety, but I found the right combinations of rums at dinner the night before and 2 early morning Ativan to get into the MRI and magic - the results came back positive. Bro does a great job recounting the visit on her site, bounce over there if you are interested.

And with every bit of good news...

Grapes always warned about it, but I got slammed last night at camp. I should have seen it coming...lifted in in the morning, busy day and then the mad scrambling to get entire Sanderson gang over to Little Beavers Part Deux. Camp was going great the last 10 minutes, when out of the blue I started to have a focal seizure. My right hand went numb and I couldn't speak. Fortunately, Ryan knows the "look". He took over and I walked around trying to look normal.

Brogann took over bed time with the girls and I chilled out for the rest of the evening. The entire episode was brought on by mental fatigue and stress. I can run, lift and get in the goal and not feel a thing. The minute I tax my pumpkin I'm guaranteed a seizure or at the very least I get a little "symptomatic". We are learning to try and prevent these, but it tough when I try to live a normal life.

More importantly Stevie was one of a hand full of girls that learned to cradle on the run last night and Clementine enjoyed an hour on the swings.

Below is the physical exam from Monday at Duke. Keep in mind, this is an hour after I buried two Ativan's to get into the MRI mac-hine!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PECO Power Play

The Kruger brothers drove from Orangeville to Pennington for the Flyer's game last Friday night. Rusty and Warren made the trip without directions or a map. What would normally be a 8 hour drive, turned into 14 hours. Fortunately, Ryan was the one guiding them in at 4:00 AM Friday morning.

We got down there early and tailgated in the 80 degrees weather. The Kruger's are die hard Flyer fans and were treated to an overtime win. After our Wings season it was nice to see a victory at the Wachovia Center!

Warren, Rusty, Chris & our sections waitress

R and Rusty with fans

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hopefully Kelly Amonte Hiller follows this...

After beating down chemo and surviving the party last week, it is back to lacrosse. I have had three great workouts and get back in the cage tomorrow morning.

Last night was the first session of the Little Laxers Lacrosse Camp that Brogann and I are running in Pennington. It was amazing. We had 50 boys and girls between the ages of two and seven on the field for an introduction to the sport. It was the first time that most of the campers had worn a helmet or goggles. The kids were awesome and I'm looking forward to getting back out there next Tuesday.

I really enjoyed working with kids again. Prior to getting sick I was coaching high school in the spring, running a club program and operating a bunch of camps through the summer and fall. With the uncertain nature of my cancer and my physical limitations, coaching was no longer an option. Believe me, I was gassed last night when we finally got our "Little Laxers" to bed, but it was well worth it.

A special thanks to Phil and Tim for helping out last night. Tim McGeeny was an All-American goalie at Loyola back in the 70's and lives down the street. He claims he played goal with a wooden stick...

Clementine, the only two year old lasted about 20 minutes. Stevie made it through the duration. Based on Brogann's initial assessment we can't be certain they will be players...but they looked really cute!

Stevie & Clementine

Monday, May 3, 2010 Pennington

Brogann threw a great birthday party for me on Saturday night. Tons of family, friends and special people that have been a part of our life since my diagnosis 17 months ago. With the help of our friends, Jim and Emily Matticoli who run great cafe and catering business, Brogann entertained 120 people at our house. My instructions were to show up 6:00 PM and wear a shirt with of all, no public speaking.
It was a little reminiscent of my wedding, not having enough time to really catch up with everyone, but nonetheless it was awesome to celebrate my birthday among so many people in the mood to party.

As always, there was plenty of Canadiana. Bro and the Matticolis arranged for Molson Canadian and Golden at the bar and sliders on the menu. These touches were appreciated by my parents and our buddy, Matty Shearer, who all made the trip down from Canada. All we were missing were the Tim Bits.

The masses rolled out around 10:00 PM and the late night festivities ended at 2:00 AM with me shutting the lights off on the Snider Brothers.

I really want to thank everyone for the birthday gifts - rums, baked goods, Randy's and those who made contributions to my effort for World Games. Lots of traitors in this part of New Jersey!

Thomas Hajek took hidden video of the entire night, but I'm holding of posting it until we finish negotiations to kill the project with Grandpa Sam.
...To The Side!!

Bro and CS

R and Mom

Flanders and he really living in the basement??

R, Main Train, Phil, Matty, Philler & Heim Time

Sammy pleading his case to the local po-po

Hostess with the mostess

T Wray, Mick, Heim Time, Birthday Boy and The Sniper

Uncle Pete, aka Captain Sully, and Aunt Karen flew in for the bash.

Did he just ask for a "Pennies to the Side???"