Friday, May 21, 2010

Catalina Wine Mixer

No, the picture from the last blog wasn't snapped at the CWM...

Guess who is back? The personal shooter emerged from a 6-week stint on the DL and put me through my paces yesterday. My expectations (for him) were low, so I left the Flip camera at home - but we had a tough workout. Footwork, turns, mid-range snipes...the quads were burning at the end.

Post workout I drove to Philly and have my blood work re-done at CHOP. They needed to see if I could start Chemo last night. My platelets bounced back, I started my 14th round of Temodar last night. I almost vomited from the taste of the capsules, but I choked them down and hit the rack.

The plan is to try and maintain my regular routine and workouts through the chemo days, until the body and/or mind gives out. I hate burning 7 to 10 days a month on this drug, so I'm going to try and take a couple back.

My mom and little brother on are they way down as I type, so if will be a fun weekend for all of us.

Go Hoos!

Vaccine needle to the groin.

Bill Clement, Clement...hands of cement!

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