Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trolley Tracks

I had an awesome trip down to the brain tumor center at Duke on Monday. I dread these trip and the MRI's - when you are assured by every doctor that the cancer is certain to come back, I keep thinking the next MRI is going bring bad news. Bro and I flew down on Sunday night. Lots of anxiety, but I found the right combinations of rums at dinner the night before and 2 early morning Ativan to get into the MRI and magic - the results came back positive. Bro does a great job recounting the visit on her site, bounce over there if you are interested.

And with every bit of good news...

Grapes always warned about it, but I got slammed last night at camp. I should have seen it coming...lifted in in the morning, busy day and then the mad scrambling to get entire Sanderson gang over to Little Beavers Part Deux. Camp was going great the last 10 minutes, when out of the blue I started to have a focal seizure. My right hand went numb and I couldn't speak. Fortunately, Ryan knows the "look". He took over and I walked around trying to look normal.

Brogann took over bed time with the girls and I chilled out for the rest of the evening. The entire episode was brought on by mental fatigue and stress. I can run, lift and get in the goal and not feel a thing. The minute I tax my pumpkin I'm guaranteed a seizure or at the very least I get a little "symptomatic". We are learning to try and prevent these, but it tough when I try to live a normal life.

More importantly Stevie was one of a hand full of girls that learned to cradle on the run last night and Clementine enjoyed an hour on the swings.

Below is the physical exam from Monday at Duke. Keep in mind, this is an hour after I buried two Ativan's to get into the MRI mac-hine!

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