Monday, May 3, 2010 Pennington

Brogann threw a great birthday party for me on Saturday night. Tons of family, friends and special people that have been a part of our life since my diagnosis 17 months ago. With the help of our friends, Jim and Emily Matticoli who run great cafe and catering business, Brogann entertained 120 people at our house. My instructions were to show up 6:00 PM and wear a shirt with of all, no public speaking.
It was a little reminiscent of my wedding, not having enough time to really catch up with everyone, but nonetheless it was awesome to celebrate my birthday among so many people in the mood to party.

As always, there was plenty of Canadiana. Bro and the Matticolis arranged for Molson Canadian and Golden at the bar and sliders on the menu. These touches were appreciated by my parents and our buddy, Matty Shearer, who all made the trip down from Canada. All we were missing were the Tim Bits.

The masses rolled out around 10:00 PM and the late night festivities ended at 2:00 AM with me shutting the lights off on the Snider Brothers.

I really want to thank everyone for the birthday gifts - rums, baked goods, Randy's and those who made contributions to my effort for World Games. Lots of traitors in this part of New Jersey!

Thomas Hajek took hidden video of the entire night, but I'm holding of posting it until we finish negotiations to kill the project with Grandpa Sam.
...To The Side!!

Bro and CS

R and Mom

Flanders and he really living in the basement??

R, Main Train, Phil, Matty, Philler & Heim Time

Sammy pleading his case to the local po-po

Hostess with the mostess

T Wray, Mick, Heim Time, Birthday Boy and The Sniper

Uncle Pete, aka Captain Sully, and Aunt Karen flew in for the bash.

Did he just ask for a "Pennies to the Side???"


  1. Good to see you! Nice call on the mini-burgers. One day people will realize that shrinking any food makes it taste better.

    By the way, do you have an idea of what the trip to London will cost? looks good. Talk to you later. - Kevin

  2. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail?