Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Triple Double

Not to be confused with the Tim Horton's double-double. I made my return to our local over-35 men's league last night. With the Wings schedule and treatment I was unable to much this winter, but I caught the final game of the "spring" season. I was a little nervous playing without my wing man, Ryan, who is still on the shelf. It was fun to see the guys again and get in a run at attack. My line a the end of the night - 10g's, 12 turnovers and 24 moving picks - fortunately Tom Sutton wasn't reffing and I got away with all 24 illegal picks.

I'm writing this post at CHOP, waiting for Avastin to be released. My platelet counts were a little low - but the Doc wasn't worried about receiving the dose. What effects platelet levels is a mystery to me and everyone else, but I doubt the 8 Miller Lites after the game last night help!

I have been feeling great since the minor seizure last week. My training has been consistent - lifting and getting shot on. Time to add some cardio! I booked a very difficult 4-miler on Saturday morning down in FLA...definitely work to be done.

Bro and CS in Florida this weekend

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