Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where have you gone Miles General?

Finished up a brutal round off chemo last week. So much for the new plan. Felt great through the weekend, but hit the wall on Monday. I was in bed until Thursday - I couldn't shake the feelings of nausea and fatigue.

It was great to see my mom and Dustin, who came down for the first weekend of chemo. We all hit the quarterfinal games at Princeton and enjoyed a little Hoagie Haven.

Fast forward...

The long weekend was great. Summary: The Zullas came to dinner Friday night, Saturday in Philly for a birthday party with the Munsterteigers, Sunday at the pool, followed by a BBQ at Prettybrook and finished up yesterday with a parade in Pennington, more pool time and dinner with Bro's family. Busy, but fun.

Between hot dogs and weenie benders, I squeezed in about 12 lax games on TV. It was amazing how the games with Quint Kessinich doing the color bring on nausea and fatigue...the guy is broadcasting chemo! Since I'm in my "negative place" - does anyone care that a hirsute fella can shoot the ball 111 mph? Enough with the commercials. I saw Miles General clocked at a Jr. A All-Star game shoot the ball 122 mph - with a Logan. Red Bull needs to look him up.

Felt for the 'hoos on Saturday. They played hard and were in it at the end. Obviously there is no way to know what their guys are experiencing, and I was proud of how they battled. It is an honor to have played in that program and for Dom.

Busy week - Avastin treatment today, Little Laxers tonight, gym and shooting all week and a cameo appearance with the Nationals on Saturday night...word up!

Stevie, Dust, CS and Mom

Does Warrior makes this model cup??

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