Friday, June 18, 2010

Twenty Minute Workout

Only three weeks before the first face-off in Manchester. I'm must admit I have been feeling great. After my trip to Toronto I have spent some amazing time with the girls, partied with my wife and continued to dominate Monday night old timers lacrosse...'keeper had my number last week, transitioned to a feeder and ended up with 8 apples - all behind the back passes.

Training is going awesome. Running, lifting and getting in the goal - at least two of the three every day. I'm feeling strong and quick - all relative of course, but I'm giving it my best. I have actually pulled some old VHS tapes of the Twenty Minute Workout aerobics program. Killing my cardio. PX90 has nothing on these ladies in leg warmers.

I have cleaned up head since the last post and actually started the "much discussed" chemo last night. Lifted and took shots this morning without problem. I won't really feel it until Sunday.

Speaking of chemo. Everyone is always asking me what it feel likes. Watch the clip about 40 seconds you will get an idea.

Cracked Cup

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