Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do I get a reversible with this camp?

Good shooting session with Pat Heim this morning. Ryan pulled the 'chute - complaining of a lingering ankle injury from the Monday night league. I'm still working back to full speed. Feet too far apart, dipping my hands and sliding my bottom hand pre-shot. Old habits, but to be honest this is the first time I have ever watched film on myself. Should be easy to correct. Although I do have a pair of UVa gloves that Coach Starsia customized way back in 1998. On the palm in black Sharpie it reads, "STAND UP". I guess I need to break 12 years of squatting in the cage!

I have a feeling I may be boring Pat. About 30 minutes in, he took some time to explain to me the finer point of shooting...he might be missing the point of the workouts. Oh well, I may have a couple of extra clicks on my ripper on Monday night!

Taking the shooting gallery on the road Friday. Meeting up with the Snider brothers in Philadelphia for a session before our flight out to Minnesota. I expect Bobby to shoot like a middle schooler and Geoff to aim for my cup.

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