Monday, April 5, 2010

Feeling good, Louis!

Happy Easter Monday. Another beautiful day in Pennington, NJ. I have been feeling great since Thursday night. The chemo has cleared my system and I feel...normal, which is great. R and I play men's league on Monday nights. We are a dynamic duo on attack - but Ryan is threatening to run midfield tonight to improve his conditioning. Crazy talk. I go to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for Avastin tomorrow morning and then fly to Florida to catch up with the girls.

The Wings got smoked by Toronto on Saturday night. I decided against the red blazer and we paid the price. It was great to catch up with Uncle Terry (Toronto Rock - Coach/GM) and cousin Phillip (Toronto Rock, Team Canada 2010) prior to the game. Flip is such a solid defender, it will be fun playing behind him this summer.

We got some great mail on Saturday. Last summer we applied for Canadian citizenship for both of the girls. The application process wasn't that difficult. Getting a 1 year old to take a passport that was a challenge. And you can see how happy Clementine was to do it! Anyway, their citizenship cards finally arrived. The girls will have a tough decision for 2025 World Cup. Play for Canada or USA...based on Clementine's reaction to becoming Canadian, looks like Team USA.

On Sunday nights I refill my pill box. These are all the supplements I take in addition to my "traditional" treatments. Takes about 20 minutes to load it back up. Fish oils, shark liver, melatonin, lycopene, boswellia, berberine, grape seed, zinc, 'shrooms, selenium, vitamin d, multi-vitamin and a few of the colonels secret spices. 37 pills a day...

You're are going to need a bigger boat.

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