Monday, April 19, 2010


We just finished up our last Wings roadtrip of the year. Jumped out on the Swarm early, but allowed them to out scored us 8 to 2 to finish the first half. We are already eliminated from the playoffs and it would have been easy for the guys to call it a night, but they battled back. Wailer scored in the last minute to force OT. Each team had a good look in extra frame, but the Weapon buried 3 minutes in to silence the Hive. It was a long trip out there, but well worth it when the guys play that hard.

Having only visited Minnesota in the dead of winter, it was unusual to see grass, people on the streets and the sun. A good friend, Tyler Brewster (former Bowdoin laxer) has relocated to the area and attended the game with his father, Brad. Brad was visiting from Pennington and the scheduling worked out that the Wings were in town. Brad treated us to a post-game steak and a couple of rums. It was great to see Ty - him and his buddy Pete Carroll, did my shooting heading in the 2006 World Games.
I got some work in the cage on Friday, prior to jumping on the plane to Minnesota. I lifted in the morning and was a little fatigued, but it was productive. When the Snider brothers bailed on us, we need a replacement shooter. Eric Gregg (Gettysburg College '02) who is the Head Coach at St. Joes Prep and a former goalie jumped right in and was ripping corners. Time to activate PhaseII - ground work. Ground and pound...better dust off the Bruce Hoods.

Plan is to get into the goal three days this week. I have Avastin at CHOP tomorrow and start Chemo Thursday night. Wings home game Friday night. Hibernation Saturday morning.

Eric Gregg & Heim Time

Great shirt...

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