Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hit the Showers Stinky...

I'm finally emerging from the chemo fog. To be honest this round was not too bad. The seizure Saturday night didn't help, but I'm actually feeling pretty good today. It is difficult to describe what we fondly call "chemo week"...waves of nausea, headaches and pins and needles that seem to come out of the blue. The next thing I know, I have been in bed for 5 hours, with Sports Center on loop and I know more about UCONN women's hoops than is appropriate for someone without a daughter on the team. I dread these weeks, but it is part of the battle.

Bro, Stevie and Clemetine are down in Jupiter Island for the next two weeks. It has been very quiet and I really miss the girls. Ryan and Sam check in daily. The plan is to get back in the goal tomorrow and maybe has been since Saturday!

Go Huskies!

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