Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big win for the Wings last night. Seem to be on a roll. Organization did a cool fundraiser to generate awareness for breast cancer. The players wore pink helmets that were auctioned off after the game. Unfortunately a few of those helmets were in rough shape after the knuckle-dusting. And, all of the excitement from the late game fist-a-cuffs spurred on a little bit of a "focal seizure". In the moment, I sort of lose the ability to speak and put my words together and my right side gets tingly. But believe it or not, I'm told it's normal. Usually it lasts less than an hour but then I have what feels like a seizure hangover for a few days. I have had a couple of these things after games, often when I'm coaching on chemo. Back at home now. Girls are leaving for Florida in the morning. I'm hunkering in for a few more days of feeling crappy.

"The Weapon" modeling the breast cancer awareness shoes.
Blazer with his pink helmet.
Shout out to Foxy for giving brain cancer some awareness with the grey numbers.
Voyeur shot of chemo - me assuming my position for the next few days.

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