Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Working for the weekend...

After having a great game with the US, we have beaten Australia and Germany. Things were tight with the Lacraussie squad, but we pushed it to 11-1 at the half and held on the rest of the way. I was able to shut it down at half time and did not play at all versus the Germans. A much needed rest and an opportunity to heal up before we go into the play-off rounds.

We actually saw the sun the other day, which was nice. Unfortunately, all of the gingers on our team now have sunburns. Cousin Flip, Brodie and the Red Dragon spaced on 70spf and paid the price.

I have included a picture of a living legend down below. Johnny Marr is the former Scottish Nationals goalie. I first met him at the 1998 World Games in Baltimore. Hopkins has a bar on campus, PJ's Pub, and John was holding court on the night of the opening ceremonies - in a kilt. At the time he was well into his 50's?? and still playing goal for the Scotland. We connected on our position, our love of story telling and beers. Every night I would be out breaking curfew and I would run into John. I smile on his face and a pint in his hand, he was the king of one more pitcher. To me he exemplifies what this tournament is all about. I spotted him on the sidelines of our scrimmage with Scotland. I ran over and he gave me a big hug. He congratulated me for making it Manchester and said he was proud of my fight.

And I continue to run into him every night!

John Marr & CS

Ryan, CS & Dust

Team Bermuda


  1. Hi;
    Saw the CBC story just now and brought a tear.
    I am originally from Alton, ON and know Terry and also Susan.
    Just wondering if Chris is Susan's son (Dustin's Brother)or Part of Terry's crew. I see Josh in a photo.
    Keeping on Doing What you do Chris!
    All the Best!

    Eric Lane

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    P.S. There are still many Lacross contests to be won and plenty of coaching to be done.