Thursday, August 5, 2010

I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb

Hey, where did everybody go? Its been a week and half since the championship game and the blogging function in my brain has finally recovered. My plan here is to give an update and move backwards in time over the next couple of days.

Obviously the final game was disappointing for all of us. We started the game a little tight, suffered a brutal injury to our top defensive middie, battled back in the third quarter and had a chance to go up by 2 goals with 8 minutes to play. Their keeper makes a great save to keep it at 1up Canada, they tie it up right away and score the winner on a crazy bounce shot. I've told this tale 500 times over the last 10 days and I still don't feel any better about not winning that game.

After the final whistle I felt a little numb. No, not a seizure - just a jumble of emotions. Pissed that we lost, sad the tournament was over, disappointed that I would never play in a big game like that again, proud at how I represented Canada, relieved that I was able to play at level again and finally, an empty feeling of not knowing what is next. I really didn't want to leave the field and lingered around for about 30 minutes. It was a strange place.

Eventually, I gathered up all of my gear and headed to the beer garden. As they say in the 'ville, win or lose - booze, booze, booze! Not really what I was thinking, but I had told Bro and the boys I would meet them there. In the 5 minutes it took me to get over there everything become crystal clear. Nobody was upset, in fact everybody enjoying the moment. Taking pictures with competitors, shaking hands with fans and lots of hugs from Asian players...which were captured in even more pictures! Bro, Ryan, Dustin and Sam where sitting around a table and I could see that there were all proud and happy for me. I also sensed a little relief from Brogann that I survived the two weeks. It wasn't that the loss didn't matter, but when compared to everything we had all committed to get to that game it just wasn't the most important thing.

This is the feeling I have held onto since we returned. So many people are playing in a role in helping me make this goal a reality. I'm not talking about playing in the World Games - I'm referring to beating cancer. From the people who generously donated to help fund my trip - please know that without your support the experience wouldn't have been possible. To the strangers that emailed notes of encouragement and to my competitors who took time in every post-game hand shake lines to urge me on in my fight. I hope you understand that your are all part of what I realized on my trek from the field to the beer garden ...the hugs, notes, hand shakes and prayers are more powerful than any chemo drug and vaccine.

And, yes, another gold would have been great. But the experience and what I'm feeling since returning from games is going to serve me even more in the great battle our family is fighting everyday.

Everybody is asking whats next. Well, we are already back into our routine. My girls are great. Stevie was fired up to hear her name on the ESPNU broadcast and now thinks she is Hannah Montana. Phil and Sue are coming down tomorrow for an extended visit. Caught up with buddy Kyle Miller (goalie, Team Canada '06, cancer survivor) today. He has an amazing story and is doing a number of motivational speeching engagements. Kyle encouraged me to considered it, but after my last debacle(see opening ceremony) I'm not sure its for me! We banged around the idea of including Bro (who is a natural) and using me as a prop. Not a bad idea, but the last time we collaborated on something - Kenny and Dolly's Islands in the Stream - she nearly left me and this was the night before our wedding.

So we will wait and see. Take care of your birds and goats.

US Player - Chris Schiller(great guy) enjoying ice cream on the night before game
Bro, Sam, Dustin & CS
The Red Dragon...

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