Friday, July 16, 2010

You can bring your pitcher into the stands!

We had our first official game of the tournament today. It was a solid start, with us hanging 17 Japan (not a bad number, eh). The game stayed close through the first quarter, but we things started to turn as we relaxed. The final counts was 17-4.

In other top division news, the US defeated the Aussies 21 - 5 and England beat Germany 12 - 3. Germany was in the lower division heading into the tournament, but has filled in for Iroquois National team as it become clear that they weren't going to make it over.

Lots of cools moments today - Ryan and Dustin arrived, putting on the 17 jersey, hearing the National Anthem and Skyping with Bro and Clementine at 6:30AM - NJ time. Oh, and fans can bring a pitcher of beer into the stands. No wonder soccer fans are crazy over here...they are all rummed up.

The bruise collection is out of control. Knees, thighs, forearms and shoulder are all sporting some color on the bruise spectrum. The doctors may call the police at my next appointment to report spousal abuse. Fortunately we have a crack squad of athletic therapists available to us anytime of the day of night. Lobber, Steve-O and the Rayn Train are doing their best to keep me in one piece. I have figured out that most of their technique and jargon is made up, but it is nice have those guys around to ice me down and rub my back. Ryan borrowed the camera, but I have some bruise pics tomorrow.

We just finished an abbreviated scouting report on the US, tomorrow nights opponent. They are stacked and out for revenge. Knowing this game is not the one that counts in the end(that will come next Saturday!), I hope we come out relaxed, confident and enjoyed the moment. The game is already sold out.

I know I will be relaxed for the next 8 hours at least...time for an Ativan and the wrapper.

CS & Stevie O - nice guy with even nicer hands!

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